Lyft Inc.

Lyft Inc. is an internet company which specializes in ridesharing, carpooling, transportation, and community.

Technical Program Management
Technical Program Manager (All Roles)
Technical Program Manager, Financial Infrastructure Engineering
Software Engineer, Data Engineering
Software Engineer, Android
Production Engineer
Software Engineer, Data Engineering
Frontend Engineer - Associate Tools
Software Engineer, Data Engineering
Frontend Engineer - All Teams
Software Engineer, Security
Site Reliability Engineer
Engineering Manager, Security
Software Engineer, Data Infrastructure
Software Engineer, Streaming
Engineering Manager, Mapping Experience
Software Engineer, Reliability
Engineering Manager, Growth
Software Engineer - All Teams
Software Engineer, Security
Engineering Manager, Security
Software Engineer, Reliability
Software Engineer, Reliability
Engineering Manager, Enterprise Commerce
Site Reliability Engineer
Site Reliability Engineer
Production Engineer
Production Engineer
Engineering Manager, Cancel Policy
Engineering Manager, Express Drive
Software Engineer, Data Engineering
Software Engineer, Associate Tools - Nashville
Teaching Engineer
Network Site Reliability Engineer
Engineering Manager, Memberships
Engineering Manager, Quality
Engineering Manager, Lyft Business Administration
Software Engineer, Machine Learning
Engineering Manager, Driving
Engineering Manager, Deploys
Engineering Manager, Forecasting
Engineering Manager, Data Engineering
Engineering Manager, Marketplace Growth
Software Engineer, Visual Analytics Platform
Autonomous Operations (Level 5)
Structured Testing Operations Manager
Environment Health and Safety Manager
Product Designer
Quantitative UX Researcher
Product Design Director, Rider
UX Researcher, Mapping
Product Designer, Visualization Platform & Tools
UX Researcher, Rentals
Product Designer, Safety and Customer Engagement
UX Researcher, Risk Solutions
UX Researcher, Planning
UX Researcher, Memberships
Design Producer
Autonomous Software (Level 5)
Software Engineer, Build Infrastructure
Software Engineer, Data Infrastructure
Engineering Manager, Autonomous Open Platform
Software Engineer, Cloud Infrastructure
Software Engineering Manager, Runtime Autonomous Vehicles Infrastructure
Software Engineering Manager, Simulation Engine
Software Engineer, Operating Systems
Software Engineer, Simulation Infrastructure
Software Engineer, Simulation Engine
Software Engineer, Perception LiDAR (Autonomy)
Software Engineer, Web Visualization
Software Engineer, Perception (Autonomy)
Embedded Software Engineer
Software Engineer, HIL Test Infrastructure
Network Engineer
Research Scientist, Experimentation
Research Scientist
Data Scientist
Data Scientist
Research Scientist - San Francisco
Science Manager
Inclusion & Diversity / Employee Relations
Lead Diversity Business Partner
Head of Employee Relations and Workforce Policies
Employee Relations Manager
Product Security Engineer
Product Security Engineer
Product Marketing Manager
Senior Product Marketing Manager
Director, Social Media
Senior Manager, Brand Marketing (Driver)
Consumer & Market Insights Manager
Demand Generation Manager, Business Marketing
Group Product Marketing Manager
Tech People Operations
Director Human Resources Business Partner, Engineering
Sr. HR Business Partner, Engineering
Sr. HR Business Partner, Design
People Business Partner, Enterprise Sales
Finance Manager, FP&A - Strategic Partnerships
Tax Analyst
Product Manager, FP&A
Investor Relations Manager
Senior Accountant, Consolidations
Fixed Assets Manager
Senior Revenue Accountant
Program Manager, SOX Compliance & Controls
Program Manager, Tech SOX Compliance & Controls
Senior Manager, Accounting
Financial Analyst, Public Policy
Manager, Financial Systems Architect
Senior Financial Analyst, FP&A (Fleet and Vehicle Services)
Financial Analyst, Express Drive
Financial Data Analyst, Subledger
Senior Accountant, General
Senior Manager, Accounting
Accounting Manager, Fleet Accounting
Senior Accountant, Fixed Assets
Treasury Analyst
Payroll Specialist
Senior Payroll Specialist
Payroll Manager
Accounting Manager, International Operations
Accounts Receivable Operations Lead
Financial Analyst, FP&A
Financial Systems Analyst, FP&A (Tableau)
University Data Scientist
2020 Data Scientist Intern
Driver Operations
Business Data Analyst Lead
Operations Associate (Entry-level) - Austin
Team Lead, Mobile Vehicle Service - Portland
Process Engineer - OEM Relations
Process Engineer - Repair Procedures
Process Engineer Manager, Collision Repair
Process Engineer Manager, Service Repair
Mobile Automotive Technician 3 - Portland
Revenue Management Analyst - Rentals
District Manager, Operations
Collision Technician 4 - San Diego
Operations Manager, Mobile Service
Automotive Painter - San Diego
Central Operations Manager, Rentals
Market Expansion Lead, Rentals
Global Ops - Randstad
Rental Concierge - San Francisco
Bilingual Community Associate - San Antonio (Part-Time)
Automotive Service Associate - Los Angeles
Bilingual Community Associate - San Francisco
Automotive Service Associate - Baltimore (Part-Time)
Community Associate - Bayshore
Community Associate - Chicago (Part-Time)
Community Associate - Colma/Oakland
Community Associate - Milwaukee
Community Associate - Phoenix (Part-Time)
Community Associate - Reno (Part-Time)
Head of Consumer & Market Insights
Service Centers -
Vehicle Service Technician 3 - Long Island City
Collision Technician 3 - Long Island City
Vehicle Service Technician 3 - Chicago
Collision Technician 3 - Chicago
Vehicle Service Technician 2 - Long Island City
Vehicle Service Technician 3 - Los Angeles (Imperial)
Vehicle Service Technician 2 - San Carlos
Vehicle Service Technician 3 - Los Angeles (Figueroa)
Vehicle Service Technician 1 - San Carlos
Vehicle Service Technician 2 - Los Angeles (Figueroa)
Vehicle Service Technician 1 - San Diego
HR Operations
HR Operations Lead
HR Operations Coordinator
Product Manager, Identity
Director of Product, Ridesharing Planning & Ops
Product Manager, Experimentation
Director, Driver Education & Success Operations
Product Manager, Growth Platforms
Product Manager, Rider Growth
Product Manager, Ride Experience
Product Manager, Machine Learning Serving
Product Manager, Machine Learning Experience
Product Manager, Data
Product Manager, Marketplace Health
Product Manager, Hardware, Bikes & Scooters
Product Manager, Rider Experience
Product Manager, Rider Experience
Product Manager, Support Tech
Product Manager, Platform
Director, Compensation
Engineering Director, Machine Learning
Director of Engineering, Security
Global Supply Management
Civil & Environmental Engineer, Hardware Supply Chain
Global Supply Manager, Autonomous Vehicles
Global Supply Manager, Bikes & Scooters
Hardware Supply Chain Program Manager
Material Requirements Planner
LLF Rideshare
Director of Product, Safety
Bikes & Scooters - Ops
Rideable Maintenance Operations Associate
Rideable Maintenance Operations Associate
Technical Writer
Operations Manager
Operations Lead, Asset Recovery
Proposal Lead, Transit and Micromobility Partnerships
Operations Manager
Station Hardware Operations Lead
Expansion Lead
Station Hardware Operations Lead
Station Hardware Operations Lead
Customer Experience & Trust
Senior Analyst, Data Solutions
Help Systems Specialist
Specialist, Safety Policy and Compliance
Systems Architect, Help Systems
Technical Project Manager, Help Services
Customer Impact Specialist
Customer Quality Team Lead
Customer Quality Lead
Analyst, Support Analytics
Senior Team Lead, Customer Experience
Manager, Customer Experience
Senior Specialist, Crisis Communications
University Economist
2020 Economist Intern
University Research Science
Research Science Intern, Rideshare (Summer 2020)
Autonomous Knowledge (Level 5)
Software Engineer, 3D Visualization - London
Research Engineer, Deep Learning - London
Research Scientist, Autonomous Driving - London
Autonomous Hardware (Level 5)
Senior Autonomous Vehicle Integration Engineer
Electrical Engineer, Power Electronics
Hardware Engineer, Lidar Test Lead
Hardware Engineer, High Performance Computing
Hardware Engineer, Camera Lead
Senior Systems Engineer, Autonomous Vehicle
Bikes & Scooters - Tech
Mechanical Hardware Technician, Bikes & Scooters
Electrical Technician, Bikes & Scooters
Mechanical Engineer, Bikes & Scooters
Embedded Software Engineering Lead, Bikes & Scooters
Hardware Reliability Engineer, Bikes & Scooters
Test Validation Engineer, Bikes & Scooters
Firmware Manager, Bikes & Scooters
Hardware Field Quality Engineer, Bikes & Scooters
Autonomous Product (Level 5)
Product Manager, Autonomous Vehicle Infrastructure
Service Centers
Lead Automotive Technician - Los Angeles (Imperial)
Collision Claims Lead - West
Senior Collision Technician - Chicago
Lead Automotive Technician - Phoenix
University RideShare
Accounting Intern (Summer 2020)
Data Privacy Analyst Intern (2020)
UX Writer Intern (2020)
Driver Ops - Randstad
Automotive Service Associate - San Francisco
Growth Marketing
Growth Marketing Manager, Engagement
Growth Marketer, Paid Media
Fraud & Payments
Partner Integrations Manager, Fraud & Identity
Financial Solutions Manager
Senior Fraud and Risk Analyst
Public Policy
Senior Public Policy Manager, New Mobility
Policy Research Analyst
Director Public Policy, Community Safety
Regional Community Manager, West
Digital Content Strategist
Campaign Manager
Community Organizer
Community Strategist
Community Organizer
Global Operations
Market Operations Manager - New York Area 
General Manager - San Francisco
Market Operations Manager - New England
General Manager - Rockies
Fleet Coordinator, Express Drive
Senior Market Operations Associate, Airports
Market Operations Associate - Chicago
Fleet Coordinator
Counsel, Commercial
Counsel, Healthcare Compliance
Counsel, Bikes & Scooters
Executive Office
Executive Assistant, Lyft Business Technology
Executive Assistant, Growth Operations
Executive Assistant, Legal
Executive Business Partner, Supply Chain
Risk Solutions
Corporate Risk Manager
Senior Actuarial Manager, Reserving
Growth Operations
Analyst, Rideshare Planning and Operations (Pricing)
Senior Associate, Regulatory Operations
Senior Analyst, New Markets
Senior Analyst, Rideshare Planning and Operations - Pricing
Insights Specialist, Driver Enablement
Manager, Rideshare Planning and Operations (Regions)
Manager, Rideshare Planning and Operations (Pricing)
Analyst, Rideshare Planning and Operations (Budget)
Optimization Specialist, Driver Enablement
Business Analytics Lead, Product Operations
Business Analyst, Product Operations
People Development
People Development Coordinator
Business Performance Graduate Intern (Summer 2020)
Infrastructure Operations
Regional Construction Project Manager
Lyft Business
Regional Manager, Outside Sales
Local Account Executive - Tampa
Program Manager, Lyft Business Tech
Senior Sales Operations Specialist
Sales Operations Specialist
Business Sales Associate
Local Account Executive - San Francisco
Strategic Partner Manager
Quality Engineering
Quality Engineer
Lead Designer, Growth
IT Network Engineer
IT Network Engineer
Autonomous Business
Business Analyst, Autonomous Technologies
Software Engineer, iOS - San Francisco
Talent Acquisition / Strategy / Workforce Programs
Recruiting Coordination Lead
People Business Partner
People Business Partner (French)
Associate People Business Partner
Business People Operations
Human Resources Business Partner, G&A
Associate People Business Partner, G&A
Internal Communications Manager
Internal Communications Lead
Principal Writer
University Autonomous
PhD Software Engineer Intern, Autonomous Vehicles / Perception (2020)
PhD Software Engineer Intern, Autonomous Vehicles / Planning & Controls (2020)
University Machine Learning
PhD Software Engineer Intern, Machine Learning (Summer 2020)