Principal Distributed Systems Engineer - Query Engine

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8 months old

This job is no longer active

Build the future of data. Join the Snowflake team.

The Cloud Services team builds and operates the system that allows Snowflake to process billions of queries per day and is critical to the continued growth of Snowflake. The team’s mission is to deliver a modern, distributed, cloud-native service fabric that ensures Snowflake can scale infinitely to meet rapidly growing customer demand across multiple cloud providers.

Today the platform manages all aspects of the query lifecycle and its execution, ensuring all of our customers are able to run fast, cost-effective, and accurate analysis and actions over their data.

This is just the beginning. The scale of our workloads continues to expand quickly and the types of workloads are more and more diverse as Snowflake enables ever-expanding types of compute natively in our platform. We need to continue innovating and designing for the future!  We are seeking talented Principal Distributed Systems Engineers to lead strategic initiatives to support new workloads being built for the Snowflake Data Cloud while ensuring scalability, efficiency, and availability continues to exceed our customer demand.

You’ll work with some of the brightest engineers in the industry to deliver impactful results. To be successful, you’ll need to be deeply technical and capable of holding your own with other strong peers.  You possess excellent communication, collaboration and diplomacy skills. You have many years of experience developing, deploying and operating large scale systems.


  • Lead significant engineering efforts in the Service team and beyond
  • Lead improvements to scalability, reliability, service health, supportability, observability and manageability of the product
  • As a domain expert, understand the state of the art, the design of competitive products, and be familiar with research in the area of distributed services
  • Develop and lead new ideas and innovations
  • Make contributions at the company-wide level with longer-term objectives, usually 1-3 years in duration.
  • Be a key decision-maker on technical or business issues, which significantly impacts roles and responsibilities of others
  • Regularly explore uncharted territory. Be aware of business trends and emerging technologies even outside the current business and determine how they can be leveraged to the advantage of Snowflake


  • 12+ years hands-on software engineering experience
  • 6+ years of experience building large scale distributed, fault-tolerant services
  • Strong experience with database fundamentals including working with relational data, semi-structured data, and unstructured data
  • Strong systems programming skills including multi-threading, concurrency, caching, batching, low-latency compute, etc.
  • Strong and proven track record of leading large cross-team projects
  • Fluency in Java required
  • Strong experience with service-oriented architectures
  • Track record of identifying and implementing creative solutions
  • Experience with cloud infrastructure - AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud
  • Experience building systems that manage compute task or query lifecycles

Snowflake is growing fast, and we’re scaling our team to help enable and accelerate our growth. We are looking for people who share our values, challenge ordinary thinking, and push the pace of innovation while building a future for themselves and Snowflake.

How do you want to make your impact?

Every Snowflake employee is expected to follow the company’s confidentiality and security standards for handling sensitive data. Snowflake employees must abide by the company’s data security plan as an essential part of their duties. It is every employee's duty to keep customer information secure and confidential.