Senior Product Manager - Developer Experiences

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7 months old

This job is no longer active

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As Snowflake leads the Data Cloud in viewing, sharing, and managing the world’s most critical data, we seek to provide an integrated platform to support all kinds of developers, ranging from data engineers to data scientists to application developers. One of the most critical users in Snowflake today is the builder or developer. Whether building for analysis, data engineering, data science, or applications, these developers may be shaping, visualizing, and creating on top of the data ecosystem within Snowflake.

We’re looking for a Product Manager to own the developer experiences for these key personas. You’ll be responsible for both driving new developers to Snowflake’s platform, and for building a set of product experiences that make Snowflake their favorite platform. You’ll own an in-product developer experience as we make Snowflake an integrated development environment while supporting common tooling experiences. You will be responsible for the strategy and delivery of our developer experiences that users will interact with in building the next generation of data apps.



  • Define and evolve the product vision and direction for our developer experience as Snowflake disrupts application development.
  • Collaborate cross functionally across product, engineering, and design stakeholders across a large scope of our product surface area.
  • Ship features and improvements frequently and iteratively.  You will own getting your product out the door, and you will own making sure it’s constantly getting better.
  • Work hand in hand with customers, engaging in frequent conversations both onsite and in customer offices to understand their needs, gather feedback, and overall ensure that product direction is in tune with customer needs.  You’ll often go stretches where you’re talking to multiple customers every day, and you’ll rarely go more than a week without a deep customer conversation.



  • Experience in building tools, experiences, and platforms for developers.
  • Familiarity with best practices around the software development lifecycle including building, testing, and deploying to production.
  • Built products that have browser authoring experiences, integration with code editors (e.g. VS Code, PyCharm), source control (e.g. GitHub, GitLab) or related experiences such as managing code projects.



  • Be able to understand the breadth of our product line and how customers use it, as well as technical details especially in owned areas.
  • Have experience defining a product vision and roadmap and managing incremental execution through successful launches.
  • Thrive in the dynamic environment that comes with being part of a fast moving startup. That means flexibility as well as dealing with ambiguity.
  • Be highly data driven, knowing how to get, understand, and use data to make the best possible decisions.
  • Move quickly and constantly iterate, moving from hypotheses developed from customer conversations, data and insights to running tests to confirm those hypotheses, to learnings and iteration towards a solution that customers didn’t even realize they wanted but now can’t live without.
  • Operate deep in the technology stack that includes our secure data sharing layer, RBAC mechanisms, query processing, and the UX layer.
  • Drive execution with a cross-functional team, ensuring that everyone is working towards the same goals and impact.
  • Have 5+ years of relevant experience in a technical role, with at least 2 of those in a product management role.
  • Showing an understanding in the area of data management, Big Data analytics, data warehousing and/or cloud technologies is a plus.

Every Snowflake employee is expected to follow the company’s confidentiality and security standards for handling sensitive data. Snowflake employees must abide by the company’s data security plan as an essential part of their duties. It is every employee's duty to keep customer information secure and confidential.