Senior Software Engineer - Infrastructure, Policies and Controls

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8 months old

This job is no longer active

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Snowflake is looking for an experienced, inquisitive and detail-oriented Software Engineer to contribute to the hardening of Snowflake’s serving, software and data infrastructure. This work includes efforts to:

  • Analyze and manage software and data lifecycles
  • Identify, triage and systematically mitigate software supply chain and deployment risks
  • Identify control gaps and revise ways to increase the observability, reliability, efficiency of the Snowflake platform 
  • Improve the security and governance stance

The role’s responsibilities include designing, reviewing and implementing key security, process and data controls and technologies, collaborating on engineering and business efforts across the company and growing into the engineering subject matter expert for all infra, security and governance controls related initiatives and requirements.

Success in this role will significantly contribute to the company’s success and enable our continued expansion into highly regulated markets and industries.


  • Build out internal systems to handle service and data asset enrollment, capabilities, configuration, ownership and access management, classification, life cycle management features such as lineage, sharing/audiences, retention, deletion and regulation-compliant transformations
  • Develop software and data inventory systems supporting queries, various workflows, reporting and dashboards for internal clients across Engineering, Product, Security, Privacy, Governance, and Legal
  • Understand, register and secure the software and crypto supply chain
  • Instrument multi-cloud infrastructure to improve coverage on reliability, load/traffic and thread detection metrics
  • Contribute to the agent infra to address special needs on intrusion detection, security surveillance, egress control and behavioral analysis
  • Identify and mitigate host and container security risks
  • Understand, design and implement cryptography libraries and APIs, capable to be tailored to market-specific requirements such as FIPS 180-2/3 
  • Develop approaches to provide access and privilege minimization, dynamic/on-the-fly group ACL management and privilege escalation tracking


  • Conduct technical and policy reviews to identify, rank and escalate potential risk concerns and own or contribute to mitigation strategies
  • Participate in the creation, review and implementation of technical security and compliance-related engineering requirements across multiple Engineering teams
  • Collaborate with the compliance operations team to document Snowflake practices around infra hardening, policy enforcement and controls to guide engineers and provide transparency to customers, prospects and other stakeholders


  • You have a BS in Computer Science and/or equivalent experience
  • You have a minimum of 10 years of relevant software engineering experience
  • You understand how to diagnose and mitigate security and other control gaps, and what it takes to achieve and maintain security compliance in a cloud native environment
  • You want to be part of a team within a fast paced, high growth environment that values pragmatism and initiative


  • MS, PhD in Computer Science
  • Engineering experience in red teams, blue teams, threat analysis and associated controls
  • Experience in developing:
    • Forensics software, particularly in cloud computing environments
    • Static and heuristic analysis tools
    • Data classification
    • Linux-based host and network monitoring
    • Intrusion detection and prevention
    • Tailored DDos detection mitigation strategies
    • General perimeter defense, WAF, FW functionality
  • Experience in integrating with CSP APIs, e.g. AWS, Azure, GCP

Every Snowflake employee is expected to follow the company’s confidentiality and security standards for handling sensitive data. Snowflake employees must abide by the company’s data security plan as an essential part of their duties. It is every employee's duty to keep customer information secure and confidential.