Wave Systems Corp

Wave Systems Corp is an internet company that make sending money to africa as easy and affordable as sending a text.

Full Stack Engineer
Senior Software Engineer
Customer Support Representative
IT and Security
Head of Information Security
Growth Product Manager
User Growth Regional Lead
Country Launcher (Francophone West Africa)
Head of Sales
Field Operations
Agent Commercial Temporaire
Agent Commercial Temporaire Diourbel & Louga
Agent Commercial Temporaire Dakar & Thiès
Agent Commercial Temporaire Kaolack, Fatick, Kaffrine & Tambacounda
Agent Commercial Temporaire St Louis et Matam
Agent Commercial Temporaire Ziguinchor, Kolda, Sedhiou & Kedougou
Temporary Agent Opener - Agneby, La Mé, Moronou, Djuablin, Gontougo/Zanzan
Temporary Agent Opener - Belier, Marahoue, N'Zi Comoé, Iffou, Gbeke, Hambol, Poro, Tchologo, Bagoue, Kabadougou, Bere
Temporary Agent Opener - San Pedro, Gbokle, Gôh, Lôh Djiboua, Nawa
Temporary Agent Opener - Tonkpi, Bafin, Guemon, Cavally, Worodougou, Haut-Sassandra
Field Agent Quality Officer Region des Lagunes, Sud Comoé, Grands-Ponts, Agneby-Tiassa, La Mé
Field Agent Quality Officer - Region Indenie Djuablin, Gontougo, Iffou, Moronou, Bounkani
Field Agent Quality Officer - Region Bélier, N'zi, Gbèkè, Hambol, Poro, Tchologo, Bere, Bagoué, Kabadougou
Cash In Transit Coordination Manager
Cash Operations Assistant
Regional Agent Liquidity Manager
Premium Agent Assistant Kaffrine
People Operations
Help Desk Manager
Help Desk Manager
Regional Training Officer
Agent Trainer Support
Digital Content Creator
Regional Training Officer
Compliance and Legal
Fraud Analyst
Head of Legal
Fraud Analyst
Biz Dev
Business Development Manager
Cash Manager