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Vice President of Finance, Flagship
Vice President of Finance, Flagship Portfolio Company
Target & Drug Discovery
Principal Scientist, High-Throughput Transcriptomics
Senior Research Associate, Immunology & Immuno-Oncology
Director/Senior Director, Tissue Fibrosis and Regeneration
Head of Discovery Biology
Senior Scientist/Principal Scientist, Viral Immunotherapy
Director, Drug Discovery/In Vitro Pharmacology
Scientist or Senior Scientist, Target Discovery
Scientist, High-Throughput Biology
Sr Research Associate/ Associate Scientist, High-Throughput Screening
Scientist I/II Molecular Biology, High-Throughput
Senior Research Associate, In vivo Pharmacology
Principal Scientist (Associate Director) - Drug Discovery and Biochemistry
Research Associate/Sr. Research Associate, Protein Sciences
Sr. Research Associate, High-Throughput Biologics Discovery
Head of Computational Biology
Head of Biology and Target Identification
Director of Protein Analytics
Head of Discovery Biology Research
Generate Biomedicines: Associate Scientist/Scientist, Protein Science
Research Associate - Plant Biology
Associate Director, Target Discovery
Scientist/Senior Scientist/Principal Scientist, Functional Genomics and Biology Platform
Scientist/Sr. Scientist, Protein Engineering (AL)
Director, High Throughput RNA Pharmacology
Sr. Research Associate/Associate Scientist, Protein Engineering
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Research & Development
Research Associate, Viral Vectors
Scientist, Computational Biology (Protein Function)
Research Associate/Senior Research Associate, Protein Biochemistry
Senior Scientist, Platform Technologies / Cell-Based Assay Development
Scientist, Platform Technologies / Cell-Based Assay Development
Scientist, Translational Biology
Scientist, RNA Biology
Director/Senior Director, Virology and Vectors
Senior/Principal Scientist, Computational Proteogenomics
Scientist I/II, GPCR Drug Discovery and Target Validation
Scientist/Senior Scientist, Stem Cell Biology 
Scientist, Viral Immunology
Research Associate, Virology
Research Associate, Vectorology
Principal Scientist, Computational Biology
Scientist/Senior Scientist, Cell Line Development
Director / Associate Director – R&D Program Manager
Senior/Principal Scientist, Synthetic Biology
Research Associate/Senior Research Associate, Cell and Molecular Biology
Scientist, Structural Biology
Research Associate, Cell and Molecular Biology
Scientist/Senior Scientist, Mammalian Cell Biology and Assay Development
Scientist/Senior Scientist, Proteomics
Principal/Senior Scientist, Cell Biology
Senior Research Associate, Immunology
Research Associate, Immunology
Scientist/Sr. Scientist, Protein Sciences
Senior Research Associate, RNA Discovery Biology
Scientist/Senior Scientist, High-Throughput Screening
Research Associate, Biology
Research Associate, Biology
Senior Research Associate, in vivo Pharmacology
Research Associate, in vivo
Research Associate, ex vivo
Research Associate/Senior Research Associate, Protein Production
Scientist/ Senior Scientist, In-vitro Transcriptomics
Principal Scientist, Medicinal Chemistry
Associate Scientist, RNA Discovery Biology
Senior Scientist, Protein and Virus Purification
Senior Scientist, In Vitro Target Validation
Scientist, Cell Screening
Senior Research Associate, Assay Development
Research Associate/Senior Research Associate, in vitro Biology
Sr. Research Associate, Translational Immunology
Scientist, Next Generation Sequencing (Molecular Biology)
Scientist/Sr. Scientist, Translational Immunology
Head of In-Vivo Pharmacology
Head of Biology and Pre-Clinical Pharmacology
Senior Scientist/Principal Scientist, In-Vitro Pharmacology
Senior Research Associate/Scientist, In-Vitro Pharmacology
Research Associate/Sr. Research Associate, In-Vivo Pharmacology
Scientist/Sr. Scientist, Cell and Molecular Biology
Associate Director/Director of Chemistry and Chemical Biology
Research Associate / Senior Research Associate, Molecular and Cellular Biology
Scientist I/II, Metabolism
Scientist/Senior Scientist, Metabolism
Scientist II/Senior Scientist, AAV Gene Therapy
Sr. Research Associate / Associate Scientist - Screening and Automation
Associate Director/Director, Biologics Production and Characterization
Scientist, Viral Genomics
Senior Scientist, Hematology
Senior Research Associate, Hematology
Computational Biologist, Therapeutics R&D
Senior Scientist/Scientist, Immunology
Senior Research Associate, Molecular Biology
Data Engineer
Research Associate, Molecular Biology
Scientist, Functional Genomics
Sr. Research Associate/Scientist, Target Discovery
Scientist, RNA Biology/mRNA Display
Research Associate, Cell Biology
Senior Research Associate, Biology
Scientist - Preclinical Discovery
Senior Research Associate, Hematology
Senior Research Associate, Immuno-Oncology
Scientist I/II, Immuno-Oncology
(Sr.) Research Associate, Cellular Biology
Sr Scientist I, Pharmacology
Director/Senior Director, Immunology/Immuno-Oncology
Scientist/Senior Scientist, In Vivo Pharmacology
Molecular Modeler
Computational Chemist
Research Associate, Protein Biochemistry
Research Associate/Sr. Research Associate, In-Vivo (Cell Therapy)
Research Associate/Sr. Research Associate, Gene Assembly and Cloning
Senior Research Associate, In Vivo Pharmacology
Scientist / Senior Scientist, Viral Functional Genomics & Vaccine Design
Scientist / Senior Scientist, High-Throughput Assay Development
Scientist / Senior Scientist, Immunology & Immunogen Design
Research Associate/Senior Research Associate, Cell Biology
Scientist/Sr. Scientist, In-Vivo Cell Therapy
Scientist / Senior Scientist, Influenza Functional Genomics & Vaccine Design
Research Associate, Viral Genomics
Senior Research Associate/Research Associate, Molecular Biology eRNA Sciences
Research Associate I/II, Delivery Biology
Scientist/Sr. Scientist, Metabolism
Project Manager
FL70: Sr. Research Associate - Molecular Biology
Research Associate/Sr. Research Associate, Assay and Platform Development
Scientist I/Scientist II, Immunology and Immunogenicity Innovation
Scientist, Health Data Scientist
Senior Research Associate, Vaccine Research
Principal Scientist, Cell Biology
Principal Scientist, Nucleic Acid Chemistry
Research Associate, Cell Biology
Research Associate, Nucleic Acid Chemistry
Research Associate/ Senior Research Associate, Discovery Biology
Research Associate, Immunology
Senior Research Associate, Immunology
Sr. Research Associate/Associate Scientist Genomics and Molecular Biology
Head of In Vivo Pharmacology
Manager of Innovation
Principal Scientist, Quantitative Biology
Research Associate/Senior Research Associate, NGS & Genomic Assays
Scientist I/II, Genomics and Molecular Biology
Scientist, NGS & Genomic Assays
Associate Director/Director, Platform Development
Research Associate/Senior Research Associate, Cell Biology
Research Associate/Senior Research Associate, Molecular Biology (Forecast)
Electrical Engineer
Senior Scientist, Surface Chemistry
Research Associate II, Protein Expression
Senior Research Associate, Protein Expression
Scientist/Sr. Scientist, Translational Immunology
Senior Research Associate, Biology
Computational & Data Sciences
Head of Machine Learning, Clinical Real-World Data
Scientist, Computational Biology
Data Scientist, Machine Learning
Data Scientist, Protein Structure
Head of Software Engineering
Senior Research Associate, Discovery Genomics
Computational Biologist
Scientist, Single-cell Computational Biologist
Computational Machine Learning Biologist
Research Associate, Health Data Science/AI
Machine Learning Scientist, Chemistry
Scientist, Computational Biology
MLOps Data Engineer
Software Engineer II, Lab Metadata Lead
Software Engineer II, Pipelines and Workflows
Cheminformatics Scientist II
Cheminformatics Scientist II
Head of Protein Generation
Computational Protein Design Scientist
Machine Learning Scientist
Scientist, Machine Learning
Principal Scientist, Computational Biology
Research Associate/Sr. Research Associate, Computational Biology
Bioinformatics Scientist - NGS
Scientist, Computational RNA Biology
Machine Learning Engineer
Machine Learning Scientist, Perturbational Biology
Head of Computational Biology
Senior/Principal Scientist, RNA Molecular Biology
Senior/Principal Scientist, Molecular Biology
Senior/Principal Data Engineer
Machine Learning Scientist, Chemistry
Scientist/Sr Scientist, eRNA Molecular Design
Engineer, Machine Learning
Scientist, Machine Learning
Senior Scientist, Computational Biology
Senior Scientist, Computational Biology
Full Stack Senior / Principal Software Engineer
FL86: Head of Genomic Data Science
Generate Biomedicines: Data Engineer
Scientist / Senior Scientist, Data Science
Computational Vaccine Design Lead
Scientist / Senior Scientist, Computational Immunology
Senior Scientist, Computational Biology
Scientist, Bioinformatics/Computational Biology
Software Engineer II, Data Catalog
Process Development
Research Associate, Upstream Process Development
Scientist, Upstream Process Development
Scientist, Analytical Development
Senior Process Engineer, Formulation and Drug Delivery
Principal Scientist, Analytical Development
Scientist, Analytical Development
Research Associate, Analytical Development
Associate Director, LNP Formulation
Research Associate, Vector Core
Senior Manager, CMC Project Management
Senior Scientist, mRNA Process Development (Downstream)
Senior Scientist, mRNA Process Development (Upstream)
Scientist, DNA Assembly
Engineer I/Engineer II, LNP Process Development
Principal Engineer, LNP Process Development
Senior Engineer, LNP Process Development
Research Associate/Senior Research Associate, Molecular Biology
Research Associate/Senior Research Associate, RNA Production
Research Associate/Senior Research Associate, LNP Formulation
Scientist, LNP Formulation
DNA Assembly Lead
Engineer II - Downstream Process Development
Senior Engineer – Downstream Process Development
Upstream Process Development Senior Research Associate
Senior Engineer, Vector Core Production
Principal / Senior Scientist, Drug Product Process Development
Laboratory Automation Engineer
Principal Scientist, Downstream Process Development
Research Associate/Senior Research Associate, mRNA Downstream Process Development
Quantitative Biology
Scientist, Computational Biology and Machine Learning
Cell Culture Automation Scientist
Sample Management Automation Scientist
Data Engineer/Architect
Software Engineering Lead
Product Manager/Owner, Agile
Project Manager, Data
Talent Acquisition Lead
Talent Acquisition Sourcer - R&D
Recruiting Coordinator
Corporate Sourcer
Director, HR Business Partner
Executive Search Operations Analyst
Recruiting Coordinator
Accounting & Finance
Senior Accounting Manager
Assistant Controller
Accounting Manager
Staff Accountant
Director, FP&A
Senior Compensation Analyst
Accounts Payable Specialist
Senior Accountant
Accounts Payable Manager
Purchasing Specialist
Patent Counsel / Patent Agent
Intellectual Property Counsel
Contracts Director
Clinical Development
Head of Biology
Head of Clinical Development
Co-Ops & Internships
2022 Flagship Fellowship Interest
Manufacturing Sciences
High Throughput Operations Lead
(Senior) Research Associate - Formulations
Executive Assistant
Executive Assistant
Senior Scientist/Principal Scientist, Medicinal Chemistry
Oligonucleotide Chemistry Lead
Associate Director, Oligonucleotide Medicinal Chemistry
Principal Scientist, Computational Chemistry
Senior/Principal Scientist, Oligonucleotide Medicinal Chemistry
Principal Scientist, Medicinal Chemistry
Scientist, Nucleotide Chemistry
Associate Director, Medicinal Chemistry
Preclinical Development & Translational Research
Director of Translation Research
Sr. Research Associate/Research Associate - Translational Biology
Principal Scientist, Translational Research - Immuno-oncology
Scientist, Preclinical eRNA Development
Director/Associate Director, In Vivo Pharmacology
Scientist I, Translational Research
Senior Scientist /Senior Scientist II, Immunology and Immunogenicity Innovation Lead
Senior Research Associate, In Vivo and Ex Vivo, Preclinical eRNA Development
Scientist, In Vivo Pharmacology
Scientist, Viral Immunology
Tech Ops & Manufacturing
Sr. Director / Director, Head of Drug Delivery and Formulation
Scientist/Senior Scientist, Immunology and Cell Therapy
Research Associate/Senior Research Associate, Immunology and Cell Therapy
Quality Assurance Manager (GXP Operations)
Head of Process Development and Manufacturing
Scientist, Analytical Development
Scientist, Bioassay Analytical Development
Scientist, Biophysical Assays- Analytical Development
Laboratory Automation Engineer 2nd Shift
Associate Director, Technology
Molecular Biology
Scientist/Senior Scientist, Molecular Biology
Scientist, Molecular Biology
Senior Scientist, Molecular Biology
Senior Scientist/Principal Scientist, RNA and Molecular Biology
Opportunistic Hires
Scientist/Senior Scientist– Discovery and Platform Biology
Manager, Head of Lab Operations
Sr. Project Manager / Manager of Project Management
Associate Director, Research Program Management
Vice President of Program Leadership, Pioneering Medicines
Program Management Director
Operations Associate
Lab & Facilities Specialist
Lab & Facilities Specialist
Administrative Assistant
Senior Manager, Vendor Project Management
Digital and Social Media Manager
Communications Coordinator
Research Data Manager
Senior IT Director, Flagship Labs
IT Manager
Laboratory IT Solutions Specialist
Software Engineer, Research Informatics
Analytical Sciences
Scientist/Sr. Scientist, Analytics Development
Scientist/Sr. Scientist, Cell and Molecular Biology
Scientist, Analytical Development
Director, BioAnalytical Development
Senior Research Assistant, Analytical Development
Senior Research Associate, Analytical Assay Development
Principal Scientist, Structural Assays and Product Characterization – Analytical Development
Research Associate, Analytical Development and High Throughput Assays
Scientist II, Analytical Assay Development
Senior Research Associate, Analytical Development - ELISA
Cell Biology
Sr. Director/Director of Biology
Business Development
Manager/Senior Manager, Search & Evaluation
Manager, Strategy & Business Development
Executive Assistant